The return of the football leagues: Here are some exciting things to be aware of

The most popular football leagues including, La Liga, Premier League, Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, etc have come back. The Ligue 1 has already started. The other leagues will kick-off from the next week. Except for those, Serie A will return on the 21st of August. A mouth-watering football league’s days are coming soon, and fans are frantically waiting for their start. Here are some exciting things fans should know regarding these leagues.

Virgil van Dijk returns in the premier league

Liverpool FC confirmed that van Dijk has to go through an operation when their defender got an injury during their match against Everton, which resulted in a 2-2 draw. At present, the question is, will the 30-year-old Dutch footballer get back to his original form as he used to earlier? It will be a bit tough though as he was out of football for 10 long months.

New Manager of Bayern Munich

The Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich have appointed Julian Nagelsmann as their new manager. Nagelsmann is among the best young managers of football. And reports suggest that he will be with the club till 2026. It is to be seen how the Bundesliga champions perform under his reign.

Barcelona without Messi

Perhaps the greatest thing to see in the return of the football leagues is that how Barcelona does without Lionel Messi. Their former captain spends so many years at the club since his childhood. And without him how Barca performs in La Liga is certainly an exciting thing to see.

Chelsea and Lukaku’s reunion

The Belgium striker, Romelu Lukaku is set to make his return to his former club, Chelsea, as the club has reached an agreement with Inter Milan on a 115 million pounds deal. It will be certainly great to see Lukaku back again in Chelsea and fans are eager to see his breathtaking performance.

How Messi does at PSG

One of the most remarkable transfers for PSG and also which took place this summer, and ever in the world of football, is Lionel Messi’s transfer from Barcelona to Paris Saint Giants. Messi who had a huge blow while leaving his club has recovered a little, as the French capital has welcomed him with open arms and with great love. It will be one of the most exciting things to see, that how Messi performs in his new club.

The return of the fans

And probably the most exciting thing at present in the world of football is the return of fans to football stadiums. Fans were not allowed to enter the football arenas due to the spread of COVID19. But now with everything being under control, fans will strike back at the stadiums, also giving the players additional energy to perform by their level best.

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