The reasons behind Messi saying yes to Paris Saint Germain

    Lionel Messi signed his contract with the French league giants Paris Saint Germain, with ease. In the introductory press conference in Paris, he was very open about his reasons to sign for the club. However, there are some reasons for his saying yes to Nasser Al-Khelaifi’s offer.

    Factors based on which Messi accepted PSG’s offer

    Here are some factors for which Messi, went to the French capital.

    He was able to suppress the pain of leaving Barca

    Accepting the offer of PSG quickly was certainly very important for Messi. It helped him to put the pain of leaving his former club Barca, behind him. He said that he was nervous at first to start a new club but slowly got habituated as the final agreement was executed. He is still making a progress to overcome.

    Family’s approval

    Messi’s family played a significant role in this decision. He said that his wife Antonela was supporting him from the very first and his children were wondering about Disneyland and the great Eiffel Tower.

    Presence of the Argentine environment

    A great reason which helped Messi to decide on going to PSG is the presence of the Argentine atmosphere there. Two of his national teammates including Angel Di Maria and Leandro Paredes. There is also Argentine coaching staff.

    He has good friends in Paris Saint Germain

    Having good friends in a new place you go, matters greatly. And in this case, Messi was able to decide with ease as he has good friends at the club from before. Besides his two national teammates, Neymar is also present in Paris Saint Germain, who is an extremely friend of the Argentine legend.

    The city has welcomed him with love

    Messi said that he is experiencing a good time at the French capital. Paris has welcomed him with open arms, and everything he got from the club till now is incredible. After having a hard blow of leaving his former club, is quite happy again, at present.

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