TSMC reported 16.1% less revenue in July compared to June

The Taiwan semiconductor giant is on a spree of breaking records and post revenues we never expected; in the last quarter, it brought a whopping $13.29 billion in revenue. It posted a record jump in revenue by 28% year-on-year, however, it did make a record monthly revenue in June.

However, as per the latest report from Digitimes, TSMC has reported a July revenue of NT$124.56 billion (or US$4.47 billion); this is a staggering 16.1% decrease from the record high set in June.

On the positive front, TSMC’s July revenue represented a 17.5% increase compared to the same last year. The foundry’s cumulative 2021 revenue through July grew 18.1% from a year ago to NT$859.11 billion, so indeed, these are positive signs for the Taiwanese giant.

The company is confident that its revenue will increase, even more, thanks to the humongous demand from high-profile clients like Apple, AMD, and others. The industry’s rapid transition to the 7nm process and now to the 5nm process even further is helping TSMC’s business despite a worldwide pandemic.

For the quarter ending in September, i.e. Q3, TSMC has forecasted revenue between $14.6 billion and $14.9 billion, a great increase in revenue compared with $12.1 billion in the same period a year earlier.

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