Sergio Aguero ruled out for 10 weeks due to calf injury

The Argentine striker as well as star footballer is ruled out of playing football due to 10 weeks. Considering the impact of his injury will be out of the game for 10 long weeks. This is indeed bad news for Barca. On one hand, they are having financial problems, considering which Messi had to leave their club unwillingly. And addition to that comes the injury of an important player like Aguero came. Seems Barcelona is certainly facing a bad time since post-covid.

Aguero, yet to play for his present club

Sergio Aguero is yet to play for his present club, Barcelona FC. He hasn’t appeared for the Catalans, since his free transfer from Manchester City, which took place earlier this summer. Barca certainly has great expectations from him, considering the level of Aguero. But an injury of him in this time might affect the club’s performance in future.

Concern for the Argentine

The 33-year-old Argentine was not able to play the Gamer’s Trophy against Juventus, where Barca defeated their opponents by a score of 3-0. Though this is good that Barca without Messi has performed well, and without Aguero too, but this doesn’t end the concern for star footballer. He missed the match as he underwent a scan on Monday. This scan how deep is his injury and stated for how long he will not be able to play football. According to the scan Aguero has faced a tear in his tendon in the inner calf.

Barca was eager to see him in action

According to the Spanish newspaper, Mundo Deporvito, Barcelona was looking forward to bearing some good results in their favor, with the signing of Sergio Aguero this summer. They hoped that Aguero would be ready to play by mid-September. However, it happened like something else.

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