Top 5 tallest football players in the world

Who has scored the most goals, who has debuted at a younger age, which captain has given most international cups to his team, etc., are generally some common topics of football to discuss. However, another interesting topic in this regard comes, that who are the tallest footballers. Being tall as a footballer gives you certain benefits to play the game, and perform well. Check out the sections below to see the top 5 tallest active footballers in the world at present.

5. Stefan Maierhofer

Stefan Maierhofer of Austria ranks 5th in the list of tallest active footballers at present. The 38-year-old stands 2.02 meters tall, i.e., 6.62 feet. In his career so far, he has played 405 matches, on which he has registered 130 goals.

4. Mikkel Mena Qvist

Mikkel Mena Qvist is one of the tallest active footballers in the world right now, standing at a height of 2.03 m, i.e., 6.66 feet. He is a Danish-Colombian player, who plays as a left midfielder for the Icelandic club KA on loan from AC Horsens. The 28-year-old has also played as a left-back in his career till now.

3. Pantilimon

Pantilimon also comes on this list and is one of the well-known footballers on this list. The 34-year-old Romanian footballer plays as a goalkeeper for his team. His height is 6.67 feet, i.e., a total of 2.03 meters tall.

2. Lacina Traore

The Ivorian footballer Lacina Traore also comes on the list of tallest active footballers in the world. He is a forward player for Bandirmaspor. His height is the same as Pantilimon with 6.67 feet, standing at a 2.03 meter high from the ground.

1. Simon Bloch Jorgensen

The one who ranks 1st in the list of tallest active footballers in the world is the Danish footballer Simon Bloch Jorgensen. He appears as Waltham Abbey’s goalkeeper. He stands at a height of 6.8 feet.

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