Jack Grealish makes a record by becoming the first footballer of Britain to be signed in for 100 million pounds

Jack Grealish has been signed by Manchester City from Aston Villa, for a record fee of 100 million pounds. This is the highest by any Britain player, which the club announced on Thursday. Jack Grealish, debuted in 2014, and out of his 213 appearances at the Villa club, he netted 32 goals.

Manchester City on this!

Manchester City is very glad to have Jack Grealish on their team. They tweeted and welcomed Grealish by saying “He’s Here!” and said that they are very obliged to have him on a six-year contract basis. He is expected to perform efficiently in his role as an attacking midfielder, in the upcoming premier league season.

Jack Grealish on this!

Jack Grealish regarding this said that he has been in Aston Villa for over 19 years, and he has been a fan of the club since his childhood. He further added he has captained the club and that he is ecstatic today!

Grealish says, he had high ambitions when he first came to Villa. He remembers playing wholeheartedly for the club in the initial days. He conveyed a warm thanks to his teammates and managers and relishes the days of their achievement. Grealish didn’t forget to thank his fans too, for their constant support.

The British star finally adds that he will remain a Villa fan and loves the club a lot. He admits the club will understand the reasons as he prepares himself for the upcoming challenges. Grealish firmly believes that the club is in good hands now and that he will see them soon!

Reportedly, Grealish is super excited to play under the world’s best manager as evident from his speech. He is looking forward to taking part in the competitive trophies! 

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