50% of the vaccinated crowd will be allowed at Serie A for the 2021-22 season!

Serie A and the presidents of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) announced that vaccinated crowds will be allowed to the Serie A stadiums occupying 50% only. Also, the Government of Italy has modified some rules allowing a ‘checkerboard’ seating pattern at the stadiums. In this rule, there will one free seat, in between every spectator, in each of the rows.

Previous regulation at the Serie A stadiums

In the previous regulations also, 50% of the crowd was allowed to the stadium. But the rule was that there would be a one-meter distance between every spectator. This logically signifies that the stadium could be filled near the 30% capacity.

From the earlier stage, the max capacity allowed to enter at the indoor sporting events has increased from 25 to 30%. The only holders of Green Pass who got vaccinated against the COVID19 virus got permission to attend the matches.

President Paolo Dal Pino on this!

The Serie A president, Paolo Dal Pino said that the decision made today is the first step in the process of reaching our objective of having a stadium with full attendance. We are dreaming of this soon.

A large crowd has not been allowed to enter any of the stadiums for any sports in Italy. This rule is being maintained since the initial strike of COVID19 there. Also this, many football clubs have faced financial problems, as a consequence of the subsequent loss of revenue.

This current decision of allowing 50% of the vaccinated crowds to the stadiums came a week after FIGC discussed with the Government of Italy to take control of the economic condition. The FIGC president, Gabriele Gravina said that the present decision taken represents a vital as well as a concrete sign to the football world.

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