Which club can sign Lionel Messi in the future?

Barcelona fans got a huge heartbreak, as the club confirmed that, Lionel Messi won’t continue with Barcelona FC. Though neither of the two parties wanted to leave each other, due to the financial problems, that Barca is facing, Messi had to take this decision. Concerning the economic condition of the club at present, it is impossible to re-contract with Messi, who has a huge wage rate.

Barca has expressed their gratitude wholeheartedly for Messi’s contribution to the club, and they also wished their star player the best of luck for his future endeavors. At present, the question arises that where will Messi play next?

Where will Messi go now?

Lionel Messi is one of the greatest of all time in the world of football. Any club that has the capacity of investing a heave wage bill, will try to sign in Messi. However, after the outbreak of the global pandemic covid-19, many clubs are facing financial issues and hence couldn’t bear Messi’s wage rate. Here are some clubs mentioned, where Messi can go.

Clubs who can sing in Lionel Messi

Regarding which club can sign in Messi, PSG comes in the front. They are a strong contender who can sign in Messi, and has good financial muscle as well. Also, some days before they were strategizing how can they make a deal with the Argentine legend. They will be probably looking forward to signing in Messi and rock Ligue 1 with a striker combination of Messi and Neymar.

Secondly, Chelsea is another club that can probably look for LM 10. They have a good financial condition, to offer him to play for their club. Another Premier League team, Liverpool also comes on this list. They will plan to sign in Messi and pair up with Mohammed Salah, which would be terrific to see.

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