Money Heist Season 5: Lisbon’s reaction after watching the trailer, hopes fan like it too

    Money Heist actor Itziar Ituno, who has played the role pf Raquel Murillo aka Lisbon has “no words” after watching the trailer of the upcoming fifth season, volume one on Netflix. The Spanish star has shared a video on Sunday and left the fans intrigued, the first trailer was launched on Monday i.e. 2nd August 2021.

    The official Instagram account of La Casa De Papel or Money Heist has posted a clip or video, where we have seen Itzair was sharing her thoughts after watching the trailer for the first time. We have seen how Itzair reacted to the trailer and how she was engrossed and surprised by it.

    Money Heist is a Spanish heist crime drama TV series. It is created by Alex Pina. It is executively produced by Alex Pina, Sonia Martinez, Jesus Colmenar, Lobato, Cristina Lopez Ferraz and Nacho Manubens. Its production companies are Atresmedia and Vancouver Media. It contains 4 seasons having 31 episodes. It has a running time of 41-59 minutes for each episode. It was firstly released on 20th December 2017. The fifth season is going to be released within a month. The head writer of season 5 is Javier Gomez Santander.

    Short glimpses about the series

    This story is based in Madrid, in the first two seasons a mysterious man named ‘The Professor’ recruits a set of 8 people who choose city names for themselves to avoid personal sharing of life in order to carry out an extraordinary, brilliant, impossible, and ambitious plan of robbing The Royal Mint of Spain.

    In the next two seasons, the groups are forced to come out from their nutshell in order to save one of their members of the heist. In this season, they prepared for a second heist, this time, it’s The Bank of Spain, and again they deal with hostages and police forces simultaneously.

    Release Date

    Money Heist Season 5 Volume 1 is going to release on 3rd September on Netflix. It contains five episodes. The final batch also has five episodes, and it will arrive on 3rd December.

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