Canada to the Tokyo Olympics final for the first time

History was created as for the first time, the women national football team of Canada, shocked the world by reaching the Tokyo 2020 season finals. Not only the world, but they also shocked the four-time champion USA by defeating them and reach to the showdown of the season.

Dream come true moment for Canada women’s team football team

It has been a dream come true moment for Canada, and the team as well. They won the bronze medal consecutive two times, in the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games. However, they desired to be better from then and worked hard.

This match was the perfect showcase of their dedication and hard work. Jessie Fleming scored an outstanding goal from the penalty which indicated that Canada is giving their level best to emerge victoriously. And in the end, that happened, as they defeated the USA by 1-0.

Onto the Final of the Tokyo Olympics

Canada with a victory in this match went to the finals of the Tokyo Olympics for the first time. Germany defeated them in the semi-final in the 2016 Rio Olympics and the USA defeated them on the same stage and position in 2012 at the London Olympics.

It was clear from the beginning of the game, that Canada is having a unique body language, which signified their confidence as well as urge to win the match. Canada tried to score early, but Julie Ertz had that chance saved.

The match

The goalkeeper of the USA, Alyssa Naeher suffered an awkward fall on her right knee with the first half being completed. However, despite that, the US players tried to put pressure on the Canadians with Megan Rapinoe and Carli Lloyd, who was sent as substitutes.

Bev Priestman’s women had some little chances to win, and it was as though that match would go to a penalty shootout. But Fleming stood up soon and shot the ball from 12 yards away from the goalpost, and the ball went to the right place giving Canada the lead, along with victory as well.

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