Manifest Season 3 expected release date on Netflix for the US and Canada

Manifest is an American supernatural drama-based TV series. It is created by Jeff Rake. It is produced by Cathy Frank, Laura Putney, Margaret Easley, Harvey Waldman, and Marta Gene Camps its production companies are Compari Entertainment, Jeff Rake Productions, Universal Television, and Warner Bros. Television Distribution. It consists of 3 seasons with 42 episodes. Its first season was released on 24th September 2018, the second season was released on 6th January 2020, and the third one was released on 1st April 2021. It was released on NBC Network and Netflix.

It is one of the popular shows on Netflix. Despite being the fact that it is very popular but Manifest will not continue after it was ditched by the US broadcaster NBC. It was heard that the first two seasons have not been added for a long time to Netflix’s catalog in the United States.

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MANIFEST — “Airplane Bottles” Episode 209 — Pictured: (l-r) Garrett Wareing as TJ Morrison, Josh Dallas as Ben Stone, Jack Messina as Cal Stone, Athena Karkanis as Grace Stone — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)

Sneak Peak of the series Manifest

The series told us the story of the passengers of the flight who fly from Jamaica and had faced turbulence before landing in New York City. After this incident, five years have been passed out. Everyone thought all the passengers were dead. But some of the passengers came back and reintegrate into society. It was found that some of them experience bizarre voices and visions that seem they can predict the future.

It has been found that when the third season’s finale was launched on that very day it was added to Netflix and after just four days the show has got canceled officially. This led to a massive campaign which was done by the fans to “#SaveManifest”, due to number one position in the list, it can revive. Nellie Andreeva from Deadline has reported on 18th June that Netflix was searching for the possibility of reviving before the announcement of Netflix has passed on the show.

The fans of the hit NBC drama ‘Manifest’ were very disappointed after the show was canceled on 14th June after three seasons. The rumors were already got circulated about its return in the form of a two-hour movie.

The confusion was created by the end of the final season. We are looking at the key questions that the show needs to be answered if it is going to return.

Release date of Manifest season 3 on Netflix Canada

There is good news for Canadians!

Canada has received Manifest both seasons 1 & 2 at the same time as the United States and it seems that this time Canada will be getting the new season before the United States.

Manifest Season 3 was included in the August 2021 release schedule for Canada which was given to us by Netflix and is currently set to release on 27th August.

When will be Manifest Season 3 release on Netflix?

It is assuming that Netflix US will not get the show at the same time as Canada. It was heard that the series is not included in the US release schedule for August 2021. The wait could be much longer for the US.

We can suspect that Manifest’s one of the main complications is that season 3 is still streaming on Hulu and Peacock who have the catch-up streaming rights to the show currently which means all of season 3 is firmly parked there.

We can look at Shameless for a hint as it is one of the few shows that Warner Brothers Television is still licensed to Netflix US. In the case of that show, it often comes to Netflix 9-12 months afters if finale date.

In that case, we could expect Spring 2022 at the absolute latest.

Netflix has often licensed content for six months from each other which means December 2021. But sadly this is all based on theory, no confirmation has been made till now.

If Netflix renews the show, you can assume as part of that it will receive season 3 too.

Whether there will be a season 4 or not? Could Netflix save the show?

There is still hope of a revival at Netflix despite being canceled by NBC. As of July 30th, the revival talks are reportedly still ongoing.

Sadly, Manifest was one of a number of NBC shows to got canceled this year.  Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, Good Girls, and Debris were all NBC casualties.

Whether Netflix could save the show, despite plenty of rumors suggesting, Netflix is still evaluating to bring it back. The road of renewal is full of struggle. It’s worth noting that Netflix hasn’t revived a show from another network since 2018 despite plenty of fan campaigns too. As we point out in the above article, Netflix only has two regions licensed right now. We know that Netflix typically likes its Originals to be global.

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