IPL team Rajasthan Royals take over CPL team Barbados Tridents, and renamed it Barbados Royals!

The Rajasthan Royals owners have contracted a majority stake in the CPL franchise Barbados Tridents. As a consequence, the franchise is now renamed Barbados Royals and will play with this name in the upcoming edition of Caribean Premier League, starting from 26th August.

Barbados Tridents, now as Barbados Royals

The Caribean Premier League franchise, Barbados will change its name soon as Barbados Royals following their contract with Rajasthan Royals. The contract follows the Royal Sports group (EM Sporting Holding Ltd.) The two-time CPL champions will be now called by the new name as the RR owners have bought a majority stake of the CPL team. The one-time IPL champion Rajasthan Royals are desiring to expand their global presence.

Kuman Sangakkara on this regard

Sri Lankan legend, Kumar Sangakkara, the current Director of Rajasthan Royals, who is now appointed for Barbados as well, said in this regard that their new contract with Barbados will be an essential part of the cricket ecosystem of Rajasthan Royals. There are multiple talented local players.

Sangakkara also said that they have the opportunity to rejuvenate strategies by which the Royals group will be benefited. They are looking forward to how they can promote growth in the name of cricket.

Lead owner of Rajasthan Royals on this

Manoj Badale, the lead owner of RR and the chairperson of the franchise, commented that they are delighted to sign this contract with Manish Patel. They are very much grateful to the government of Barbados as well for their support and are looking forward make a positive impact on both the game of cricket along the tourism of the country.

The chairperson also added that they have some ambitious plans and will initiate an important strategy for the betterment of the Royals brand in the world.

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