Details regarding the new deal of Alaba with Real Madrid disclosed

Real Madrid signed the Austrian star player David Alaba, a few days back, this summer. And the amount of sum they will give to the 29-year-old has now been revealed. The defender takes home a massive amount of 367,000 pounds and that too per week, for the next five years he plays at the Santiago Bernabeu.

The captain of the Austrian team ended his 13 years associated with his former club Bayern Munich which got expired this summer. Alaba left the German giants and came to a new deal with Real Madrid.

Regarding the deal of Alaba

Alaba is considered among the best players in the world at present. And, normally, a player like him will ask for a heavy wage. However, the team accepted his demand, and according to some sources, Der Siegel persuaded Real to give a massive amount of 115 million Euros, which is 98 million pounds over the time of his contract and signifies an amount of 376,000 pounds per week, and that too before bonuses.

The signing of bonus contracts

Alaba in addition got a total of 15 million pounds for signing on bonus. He just got kind enough to join the club. Also, his family got 5.4 million pounds, whereas agent Pini Zahavi got an amount of 4.4 million pounds.

Also, Madrid has publicly insisted that they don’t have much money at present which they can spend on summer presents. Hence they are working on offloading their players.

How will Alaba perform in Real?

As a defender, Alaba has appeared for his former club Bayern Munich for 12 seasons and has appeared for 462 matches, performing 33 goals. Also, he has shown his efficiency in his right-back position as well, and hence is regarded as one of the best defenders of this generation. He is expected to keep up his consistency for his new club as well.

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