Wear OS 3 : plans, rollout timeline & android smartwatches

Google finally revealed the name of its next operating system for portable devices. It will be called Wear OS 3. Wear OS 3 will be the result of the joint efforts of Google’s WearOS3 and Samsung’s Tizen software. Google announced the same content at Google I / O 2021, a developer event in May this year.

“We combine the essence of @wearosbygoogle and @SamsungMobile
Tizen into a unified wearable platform. Apps start faster, battery life is longer. You will have more choices than ever, from device to app to watch face. #GoogleIO”. Google said in a tweet.

Moreover, the search giant has now revealed more details about the operating system of handheld devices. Google has revealed the timetable saying it will start in the “second half of 2022”.

The previous generation of Wear OS smart watches, the system update of Wear OS 3 will be in implementation. The operating system “will bring many new experience benefits, and in some limited cases, the user experience will also be Will be affected,” the post said. However Google has selectively reserved system updates for eligible devices. This means that not everyone has to update their devices to Wear OS 3. “We will provide more details prior to the update so you can make an informed decision.”

Wear OS 3 eligible devices

Eligible devices: TicWatch and other TicWatch devices. Additionally, a new generation of equipment launched by the Fossil Group later this year will also be eligible.

One of the things everyone is waiting for is the Galaxy wearable smartwatch, supposedly called the Galaxy Watch 4 series, because it will be the first device to pioneer future wearable devices powered by Android in collaboration with Google Samsung.

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