Sunday, October 24, 2021

Discord now has Threads: improves back-n-forth convos

Discord today introduced its Threads feature to allow servers to improve the backhaul of service conversations. Threads is significantly different from the Responses function that Discord launched last year. Now users will be able to use the new “#” option to create new threaded conversations. This is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and the Web.

The thread works in much the same way as many other chat clients. It allows Discord users to fork conversations from the main channel. It first generates a separate feed for chained conversations. The Discord server administrator will be able to control which members of the server can participate in the conversation. If people have questions, the moderator can even remove them from the thread.

Discord also introduced public and private threads. The public thread on the channel allows any member with permission to post, to initiate and reply to the thread. However, private threads will allow some members to create and chat privately. You can @invite people to join private conversations or add them manually.

Discord will automatically archive threads within 24 hours to minimize channel confusion.

The thread will open in the split view pane of Discord. It will provide the option to view the thread in full screen by clicking in the channel list. On a busy server, this means that if the user creates multiple threads. This might cause the size of the channel list may increase. The overall goal is to avoid the trouble of having multiple different conversations on a single channel at the same time.

The threads will definitely come in handy on most of the busiest Discord server.

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