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AMD Zen 4 specs, price and leaks – everything we know

AMD Zen 4 promises to improve performance and Raptor Lake processors over the previous generation of Zen3 chips and Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake.

Intel’s processors still use the 10nm process. Due to its 5nm design, AMD Zen 4’s performance has a significant advantage. However, this is not a complete Apple-to-Apple comparison, because Intel is making some improvements and trying the big.

It would not be surprising if AMD changed its production roadmap even before the 2020 coronavirus pandemic caused severe supply chain disruptions. Rumors in 2019 suggested a launch in 2021, but these were clearly unsuccessful, because AMD-Zen4 still has some way out.
This allows AMD’s Zen 3 chip to compete with the Intel Rocket Lake, Tiger Lake and Alder Lake processors; this is one of the longest periods in our memory without the release of a major generation of AMD processors.
So when can we expect AMD Zen 4 to finally start shipping? How many cores will the flagship Ryzen 6000 series processors finally have?
What kind of performance improvement can AMD use with the 5nm process? Small design suitable for desktop and notebook computer systems?

AMD Zen 4 Specifications

What is it: AMD’s next-generation CPU architecture

When will it come out: about the end of 2022

How much is it: Low-end Ryzen 3 processor starts at 125 USD/90 GBP/160 AUD. AMD Zen 4 EPYC server processor starts at ten thousands of USD/GBP.

We don’t know much about AMD Zen 4, at least not official, except that you use TSMC’s 5nm production process. However, people strongly expect a higher number of cores through Zen 4.

Recently, AMD introduced 3D chiplet technology for the first time on the Ryzen 5950X prototype chip. This technology greatly expands the processor’s available CPU cache. This alone provides the performance improvement generally seen in processor generation leaps.

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