Realme can be a top player but it faces component shortage

A senior company official said that if the smartphone manufacturer Realme can meet the needs of consumers 100%, it may become the largest player in India, but the shortage of components is still one of the challenges in production.
Sales is a combination of several things. The brand did not increase production. However, if one tries to measure demand based on demand, we can become number one. There is a great demand for Realme products.

Realme ranked fifth in the Indian smartphone market share in the first quarter of 2021.
“We It has reached 100% of our current production capacity. Our component supply is in short supply and prices are rising because of the huge global demand for chipsets.
The demand for automobiles, especially smart cars, has increased significantly, which has also driven the demand for chipsets.
“The demand for chipsets is huge… the mobile field, the Internet of Things, automobiles, etc., the demand is soaring. I think the situation may improve when the foundry expands in the second quarter of next year. “Their capabilities. It will take a long time to expand production,”.
The component prices have risen by 710%.

At the same time, Realme promised to lower the price of 5G mobile phones to less than Rs 10,000 next year. However, 5G services have not launched in the country.

5G service will be the icing on the cake. 5G chipsets are more advanced than 4G chipsets-they give better answers. Whether it’s touch response, battery optimization, data storage, data transmission, etc., you will see a huge difference between 4G and 5G chipsets,”.

Realme will not be just one Smart phone brand, it will be a complete ecosystem brand. We must ensure that the phone is very resistant. When you control multiple devices, it won’t fail.

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