‘Intrinsic’: Google parent Alphabet to launch new company

    Alphabet Inc’s secret research department said on Friday that it will launch its new robotics and artificial intelligence software. Intrinsic will release under Google’s parent company’s division, which is home to future companies such as Verily and Waymo.

    In order to expand its core search and advertising business, Google established Alphabet in 2015. It started as a holding company responsible for overseeing various “other bets”. This ranges from its self-driving car division to helium balloons that provide solar-power Internet services in remote areas.
    However, Intrinsic develops software tools aimed at manufacturing industrial robots. These robots are in use, to manufacture everything from solar panels to automobiles. Moreover, it has incubated its technology in Google’s research department X for more than five years.

    “We are now ready to become an independent Alphabet company. Also we are leaving the rapid prototyping environment of the Moonshot factory. This is to focus on our aim of developing our products and validating our technology. Wendy Tan White, CEO of Intrinsic, added that the company is working on Find someone to hire.

    X is called Alphabet’s “Moon Landing Factory”. X is a research and development department. It continues to serve as a nursery for many of the company’s derivative projects. Moreover these include many others, such as Waymo, Wing, Makani, Loon, etc., to help them take root where feasible and as a separate entity.

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