Two clear options for Lionel Messi, in case Barcelona fails to register a new deal with him

Sources say that the Argentine legend, Lionel Messi, might have to wait to officially get into Barcelona again, until January. Barcelona is working on coming out of its financial problems, and this might take a bit more time. The Barca fans are eager to see when will Messi officially come back to the club, but Barca being unable to come below the La Liga salary cap, is not able to sign the new deal with Messi.

Barca trying to get out of their problems

Barcelona FC is desperately to solve their problems, and trying to register Messi as fast as they could. They even signed off high-wage players including Antoine Griezman, Neto, Philippe Coutinho, Miralem Pjanic, and Samuel Umtiti. But the problem is, their progress in this solution is very slow. And on the other hand, La Liga is only three weeks away.

Two Options for Messi

Barca is trying their level best to sign in Messi soon. But in case, they fail to do the same, LM 10 will probably not wait till January and remain out of football for 5 months. In this case, two he will have two options in front of him.

Either he goes anywhere else, where he can play for that club. Also, in this case, Messi has to remember that if he goes to another club, he should go there on that club’s respective deadline. Apart from that, an easy option for him is that he can stay in Barcelona, and play there, but with a severely reduced wage rate, which Barcelona can pay him with ease.

What will be the consequences?

Primarily, the options mentioned above, neither of them are preferred, in this situation. Also, the president of Barcelona, Joan Laporta, said on Thursday that the club will be in that position, where they need to be at present, soon. But these two options are far away from any thought, which is even worse than Messi getting out of football for five months.

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