Tokyo Olympics kicked off in the empty stadiums with no cheer, joy, and interest

The Tokyo Olympics 2020 has kicked off, but there’s no joy or interest, as it is played in the empty stadiums. The athletes, as well as the media, both have arrived, but still, the joy for this event seems to be very little. This is significant because there’s no roaring and cheering of fans, for the athletes. Though the absence of the audience had to be obvious, concerning the COVID19 issues. Hence, the excitement for one of the world’s biggest events is almost missing.

The covid situation in Tokyo

The effect of COVID19 in Tokyo is very high. At present, the infection rate of the disease is highest in the place. Also, the city is declared to be under its fourth state emergency. Even the Tokyo Olympics was going to take place in 2020 but was postponed to one year.

Prominent Olympic sponsors have already backed out of the event and said that they won’t advertise during the tournament. Even Toyota has also pulled itself out of the tournament due to the high rate of infection of coronavirus.

Comments of the Fans on the Tokyo Olympics

A 29-old-housewife said that she won tickets for the Tokyo Olympics finals, at the stadium. However, she got disappointed with the no-fan decision of the administration, and she is losing interest altogether. She also added that she feels like she can’t welcome the Olympics wholeheartedly, and doesn’t feel any joy in it.

A resident of Satoshi Hori stated that he was wondering whether his two young daughters would remember this legendary event in the coming years or not. The 39-year-old also said that at the place where he lives in Koto, he sees enthusiasm for the Olympics among his neighbors.

Another resident from Koto stated that the Olympics was the last thing he saw in most of his neighbors. Though at present, no one cares for the Olympics, and he feels sorry for the athletes, as it is primarily not their fault – the 79-year-old said.

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