Samsung security update is rolling out to Galaxy devices

In terms of releasing Android updates, Samsung is one of the best companies in the industry today. Now, the company is rolling out the July 2021 security update for its Galaxy series.

Samsung July 2021 Security Update – The Latest News

Samsung began rolling out its July 2021 security update on June 30, about a week earlier than the first Monday in July, when Google will release the core of this patch List of security issues. However, the release list on July 7 include 20 fixes for Galaxy smartphones, most of which come from Google. Most problems are patches for Bluetooth vulnerabilities. However, we do know one thing about updating the address. Last month, Google confirmed that Samsung will release a fix for the Android Auto issue in its July 2021 security update. The fix is​ to prevent Android Auto from crashing every time the device is in unlock mode.

Samsung’s July update will solve some of the issues faced by Android Auto users.
In most cases, the July update for Samsung devices is very small, except for the Galaxy Note 20 series, which weighs more than 1GB. However, apart from the new QR code scanner captured by SamMobile below, there are no obvious changes in the update.

As of July 1, Samsung will roll out monthly patches on nearly 40 devices, including 5 enterprise devices.
Starting this month, this list will contain instructions on where the update was first released and whether it is also available in the United States.

Samsung has released the latest security updates from one of its most popular series, the Galaxy S series.
On July 6, Samsung subsequently released the July security patch as a wireless update for the Galaxy S20 series. The update started rolling out in Germany.

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