Hend Zaza: The 12-year-old wonder athlete to appear in the Tokyo Olympics

There are numerous instances in Olympic history, where wonderful young talents have left the world awestruck with their sensational performance on the global stage. The 2021 Tokyo Olympics is not going to be an exception, as Hend Zaza, the 12-year-old wonder kid is all set for her debut.

This supremely talented table tennis player from Syria, confirmed her entry to the Tokyo Olympics, after defeating the Lebanon star Mariana Sahakian last year in February. She has set the remarkable record of being the only Syrian table tennis player to have national titles at all levels. Zaza is super excited now for her upcoming Olympics debut. She considers this to be a gift to her country, family, and friends.

Overcoming Every Obstacle to Reach her Dream

Similar to other children in the country, Zaza’s childhood was mostly occupied with the civil war and its threats. Regular power cuts caused immense disturbances to proper practice since there were mostly indoor sessions. However, all the obstacles could hardly do anything to ruin her determination.


Zaza has four elder brothers, she being the youngest child in the family. Her father is a skilled gymnastics teacher at present and is a former footballer.

Zaza said in a recent interview that sports lie in her blood and she has always got vehement support from her family. She further added how her family stood by her side to help her get ahead.

Interesting Facts about Hend Zaza

Other than being a sports person, Zaza has her areas of interest. This miracle child is fond of Mathematics and takes studies seriously. Reportedly, she is a massive admirer of Harry Potter. The Syrian star is all prepared to make her fascinating debut at the Olympic games, this summer. Surely, she is aiming to come up with a marvelous performance!

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