Friday, September 17, 2021

The official website of La Liga removes Lionel Messi from the Barcelona squad

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The official website of La Liga is no more showing Lionel Messi’s name in the Barcelona squad. It has been over 20 days that Messi’s contract with Barca ended, and he became a free agent. Messi will play for Barca but as a free agent. It signifies that he is not a permanent part of the team anymore, resulting in this consequence.

No official announcement on Messi’s renewal

That Barcelona will renew him, this kind of speculations have been taking place from earlier, and are going on now as well. However, no official statement regarding this has been made yet. Barcelona FC is still finding ways to make their wage bill short. This will eventually help them to accommodate the new contract of the Argentine legend.

Removal of Messi’s name as a consequence from the official website of La Liga

Subsequently, after so many days, without an official announcement, the official website of La Liga is no more showing the name of the 34-year-old footballer, in Barcelona’s squad. Though is primarily natural for a league tournament to cut off a player’s name who officially doesn’t have any contract with the club. Despite being a common thing, this news is noteworthy.

Messi’s career in Barca

Messi has played his whole life for Barcelona since his starting. He is a six-time Ballon d’Or winner and served the club with his brilliance. Last summer, he was close to leaving Barcelona but was convinced somehow to stay.

What will be Messi’s future at Barca?

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It is expected that Barcelona will sign in Messi with his new contract soon, they come in a solution to their financial problems. Sources verify that a lowered terms contract is already agreed. The Blaugrana, is only a few steps away, from signing a new deal with their star player, after cutting some wage bills.

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