Illegal Crypto farm mining FIFA 21 characters

Illegal Farm mining FIFA 21 game

The Ukrainian Security Agency had shut down “cryptocurrency mines”. Moreover, they directly stole electricity from nearby power plants. The agency seized dozens of CPUs, hundreds of graphics cards and 3,800 PlayStation 4 Slim consoles. All these are via illegal procurement.

It turns out that the game in question is FIFA 21. The farm earns illegal in game money and rare characters. The farm operator can sell these accounts for money.

Like many other sports games today, FIFA 21 has an ultimate team mode. Moreover theoretically, it allows players to use the cards in the loot box to form a team of dream players. Loot boxes can be in purchase with in game currency or real money. At the same time, it takes a long time to get the game coins. This is because it requires a lot of training (doing repetitive tasks).

The perpetrator can then sell the account full of in game coins to people. These are applicable for those who want to try their luck. Customers want to get rare players by buying these loot boxes. Moreover, sometimes these customers try to get these rare characters themselves to sell at a much high price. Selling game coins is not very profitable, but it is difficult to get a rare character. Considering they have free electricity, even playing the lottery makes economic sense for them.

It has 500 graphics cards and free electricity, and the same farm can mine Ethereum as well. At the same time, the same 500 graphics cards can control characters in other games. This helps them achieve certain in game aspects. They help to train characters, get in game coins and loot boxes.

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