Focus mode in iOS 15 helps you stay on task

    Focus mode

    Apple has long provided the “Do Not Disturb” function. Using Focus, you can work or spending time with your family, and block notifications not related to these tasks. It’s basically “Do Not Disturb”, but there are more options to optimize what you see and what you can’t.

    Access focus mode
    It is present in the Settings app. You can also activate, manage and create new focal points through the control center on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

    Create and edit focus
    In short, in this mode, you can choose who can communicate with you. It allows you to customize the people and applications based on what you are doing.

    Apple has many focus options, like do not disturb, drive, sleep, but you can also create your own modes.
    Via the control center, you can tap “+” button to create a new mode. Click one of the existing modes to customize it to better suit your needs.

    You can choose custom icons and colors.
    Rush notifications are a new kind of notification in ‌iOS 15‌. You can allow notifications marked as time sensitive to bypass the mode. Notifications that are classified as time-sensitive are those that are immediately important.

    Activate focus
    To activate one of its modes, use the control center to turn it on.

    Multi-device function
    When you activate Focus on one device, it activates on all devices.
    For any mode you create or edit, you can choose to enable the “focus state” option. This option allows applications such as Messages to tell people that you have muted notifications.

    If there is something important to share, people can choose to send a message, regardless of the mode state.

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