Real Madrid looking to end their contract with Gareth Bale

The management of Real Madrid are prepared to pay out their start footballer Gareth Bale. The 32-year-old Welsh player is now in the final year of his contract with the club. There has been so much speculation regarding this, that what will be the position of Bale inside Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid, in the new season. And now we are down to a specific conclusion.

Performance of Gareth Bale for Real Madrid

Gareth Bale has been a great player for Real Madrid CF and has given a lot by playing his level best. He came to the club in 2013 in players for 8 long years till 2020. In this period of the club, he served as a forwarder to them. On his 171 appearances, he scored 80 goals for Madrid.

Issues of being a non-EU player

Bale’s contract is only a year left. In this situation, there has been a big problem for Real Madrid CF is that Bale will become a non-EU player in the year, 2021. This is because the UK will depart from Europe and according to the Brexit laws, from that time, when the United Kingdom departs from England, Bale will be considered as a non-EU player by Real Madrid.

Other non-EU players who will Join Gareth Bale in this list

There are some other players as well who will join Madrid’s Bale in this list. This includes Eder Militao, Rodrygo, and Vinicius Junior. All these three footballers are Brazilians. Another significant problem, which Real Madrid is facing is that among these four players include Gareth Bale, Real Madrid CF can register any three of them, for the LaLiga season.

For this problem which the club is facing at present, they are thinking to end the contract of Gareth Bale, and he is not considered ahead of the Brazilian trio.

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