Tokyo Olympics: India will be rewarding their athletes the most among all the countries if they win Olympic medals

Tokyo Olympics will be starting on Friday, 23 July 2021, and it will continue till 8 August 2021. Tokyo Olympics was postponed by 1 year because of the COVID-19 all over the world. Finally, the Olympics are about to start in 3 days time.

India has promised a cash award for their athletes who will be winning the Olympic medals. Different states of India are contributing different amounts. Hyderabad and Uttar Pradesh are contributing the most amount.

The range of cash awards for Indian athletes is from 25 lakhs to 6 crores from the state governments. The central government of India is also giving 75 lakhs to gold medal winners, 50 lakhs for silver medal winners, and 30 lakh for bronze medal winners.

These are the list of few countries who has promised rewards:

  • USA Gold medal winner is due to $37,500 (28 Lakhs)
  • Kazakhstan announced $250,000 (1.87 Cr)
  • Italy has announced $166,000 (1.25 Cr)
  • Russia will give $61,000 (46 Lakhs) to every Gold medal winner
  • Germany has announced a bonus of $25,000 (18.73 Lakhs)
  • Canada will give a bonus of $20,000 (15 Lakhs) to Gold medal winners

If we compared India to other countries, India will give a large amount of cash award to the Tokyo Olympic medal winners.

These are the amount promised by the states of India:

  • Rs. 6 Cr – Haryana, UP, Odisha, Chandigarh
  • Rs 5 Cr – Karnataka, Gujrat
  • Rs 3 Cr – Delhi, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu
  • Rs 2.25 Cr – PUnjab
  • Rs 2 Cr – HP, Jharkhand, Telengana
  • Rs 1.5 Cr – Uttrakhand
  • Rs 1.2 Cr – Manipur
  • Rs 1 Cr – Maharastra, Kerala, Goa
  • Rs 75 Lakh – Meghalaya
  • Rs 50 Lakh – Jammu and Kashmir
  • Rs 25 Lakh – West Bengal

Manoj Tiwary, former cricketer and West Bengal’s new Minister of State for Affairs of Sports and Youth, said this to the Indian Express: “As per the 2018 order of the West Bengal government, for the Olympic Games, prize money for a gold medallist is Rs 25 lakh. For a silver medallist, the prize money announced was Rs 15 lakh, while a bronze medallist gets Rs 10 lakh. From West Bengal, three sportspersons are going to the Olympics this year, and we will do what needs to be done for their encouragement.”

India will be sending its largest contingent ever to the Olympics, with 127 members to show their talent at the Tokyo Olympics 2021. The Indian athletes will be competing across 18 sports at Tokyo Olympics 2021.


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