Indian national football team scored 6 goals in 2022 World Cup Qualifiers; Check out the Top 10 teams with the most goals scored

The FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifiers and AFC Asian Cup 2023 second-round qualifiers ended on 15th June. 12 teams from 8 groups qualified from the second round of qualifiers.

Indian national football team qualified to the third round of the AFC Asian Cup 2023 after finishing third in the World Cup qualifying Group E with 7 points, winning only one match and drawing four and losing three matches. India scored 6 goals in the process which puts them in the 28th position out of 40 countries on the list. In 27th and 26th positions are Oman and Qatar respectively.

Despite qualifying to the AFC Asian Cup qualifiers, Igor Stimac’s side has scored very few goals which is a matter of concern.

Japan, Iran, China, Australia, United Arab Emirates are the top 5 teams that have scored the most goals in the qualifiers.

Let’s take a look at the 10 teams that have scored the most goals in the qualifiers.

1. Japan – 46 goals

2. Iran – 34 goals

3. China – 30 goals

4. Australia – 28 goals

5. UAE – 23 goals

6. South Korea – 22 goals

7. Saudi Arabia – 22 goals

8. Syria – 22 goals

9. Kuwait – 19 goals

10. Kyrgyz Republic – 19 goals


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