Google incurs a fine in a news media compensation row

Google gets fined by the French competition authority

The French competition authority fined Google 500 million euros (approximately US $ 590 million). This is after the French News Agency complained that the company used its content in news applications without permission. However, Google failed to reach a compensation agreement to resolve these complaints, leading to new financial penalties.

The wave of dissatisfaction with influence of large technology companies like Google on media is at large. Moreover, visits of various national institutions to the media is increasing. Its reaching a critical point in the new ruling against the tech giant. As a result, the French competition regulator Autorité de la Concurrence took punitive measures against the company. Moreover, this happened after it failed to comply with court orders to resolve these problems in the country.

The competition authority confirmed a complaint by a consortium of publishers. This includes the well-known French media group Agence France Presse (A F P). Google misappropriated their materials for inclusion in its news applications.

In April 2020, Autorité de la Concurrence had ordered Google to reach an agreement with the group for its infringement. However, the original equipment manufacturers did not meet the deadline to do so. This resulted in the latest fines imposed under the new EU regulations.

Furthermore, if they now fail to reach an agreement with A F P and its partners in 2 months, Google can pay up to 900,000 euros (approximately US $ 1.06 million) in additional fines every day thereafter.

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