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Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has won many users with frequent updates and integration of Microsoft and macOS design language. Emphasizing its commitment, the company today updated its feature roadmap to reflect other future browser features.

The browser’s “What’s Next” page is more of a listing of the work of its in-house developers. An enterprising Reddit user has compiled the new content on the page and reproduced it as follows.

Free-form text boxes added to PDF documents: Starting version 94, support for free-form text boxes in the PDF documents. This will help you fill out the forms and add visible comments.

Use URL link to launch PWA instead of browser: In Microsoft Edge version 97, choose the launch browser in PWA. This can be used instead of the full native browser.
Tab Groups: The ability to categorize tabs into multiple user-defined groups. It can help you find, change, and manage tabs across multiple workflows more effectively. To achieve this, tab grouping is possible starting with Microsoft Edge version 93.

Citation support added to collections: Starting with Microsoft Edge version 95, improved collection experience, especially for students and researchers. The collection will begin to support citations and reading lists.

Video Picture-in-Picture (PiP) on the floating toolbar: Starting with Edge 93, entering Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode will be easier.

Family Safety: Enhanced protection for sites like youtube.com and Microsoft Edge – Families using Microsoft Family Safety will soon see improvements in content filters. Before this, Microsoft brought vertical tags, hold tags, password generators, and new visual themes for the Mac.

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