Black Widow post-credit scene gives Disney Plus push

    Marvel Pictures is synonymous with post-credits scenes, so it’s not surprising that “Black Widow,” has continued this tradition.

    But Black Widow did something different, using its post-credit tag to tease not future movies, but upcoming Disney Plus shows. This is by far the most compelling push for streaming media services.

    What happened in the Black Widow post-loan scene?

    The post-credit scene is after “Avengers: Endgame” jump. Jeremy Renner better known as the Avengers, Hawkeye.

    The obviousness of the credit scene of Black Widow lays the foundation for Hawkeye’s upcoming show on Disney Plus later this year. Regarding the death of Natasha when she appeared.
    But the scene also emphasized Marvel’s current strategy. Val first appeared in Disney Plus’s “Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” where she last appeared. If you haven’t kept up with the Disney Plus show by now, you probably don’t know her importance as a future MCU player and her possibly less heroic intentions.

    For years, ending scenes have been in use as general publicity for future films in the franchise. Key figures like Nick Fury and Thanos first appeared on the credit label. They’re an important part of the Marvel experience, which is worth noting when the studio misses one after “Endgame.” Therefore, it is particularly noteworthy that the studio chose to use this space to ensure fans can see Hawkeye when it premieres later this year, rather than advocating for Shangzhi, Eternal Race, or other feature films.

    Consolidating them is not an optional side task, but a key part of experiencing the full Marvel story. It also illustrates the importance of acquiring and maintaining Disney Plus subscribers to Disney, and the importance of Marvel’s content machine in creating streaming services.

    One thing is clear: expect this crossover between Marvel movies and television will only continue to grow in the future.

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