Anelka suggests Mbappe a way to win the Ballon d’Or

    The French football manager, Nicholas Anelka comments on a way of how can Mbappe win the Ballon d’Or. According to him, Kylian Mbappe needs to leave his club, Paris-Saint Germain to win it.

    Performance of Mbappe at present

    The France International Soccer team had a more or less disappointing EURO 2020 season, as they only managed to go to the top 16, and ultimately got knocked out by Switzerland. Though they faced the defeat against the Swiss in the penalty shootout, where Mbappe missed the penalty, and Switzerland won the match by 5-4.

    However, Mbappe had a good season individually, by playing for his club. In his 47 appearances, he scored 42 goals. However, despite his great individual performance, he has failed to gain individual honors. Hence he has been told to leave the French capital, once his contract ends with the club, in case he wants to receive the biggest acclamations.

    Anelka’s comments regarding this

    Anelka commented by saying to him that if he wants to secure the biggest accolades, he has to move from PSG at some point.

    He also stated that – whatever he does in Paris, will be excellent, but there will also controversial comments that will arise when someone will say that Mbappe did great for Paris Saint Germain, but it was only in France. The best leagues are played in Spain and England, and Mbappe hasn’t competed in those best leagues, along with the best players of the world.

    Anelka also added that Mbappe has to decide by himself. To win a ballon d’Or it is necessary to compete with the bests, including Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Being all the time at PSG, he can’t say that he has competed with the bests. Though the French league is not easy, it is certainly challenging. But the toughest competition remains in England.

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    Anelka says Mbappe a way to win the Ballon d’Or

    Anelka suggested to him where he can go, to make a more global impact. For English Premier League, he suggested going for either Chelsea, or Liverpool, or United, or Arsenal. And in the case of the Spanish League, Mbappe should go for either Barcelona or Real Madrid.

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