Twitter to let users tweet to ‘Trusted Friends’

Twitter is considering allowing users to post only selective tweets to trusted friends. This is the name of a feature under testing by the social media platform. Moreover, it allows users to limit the audience of specific content to a smaller group of people.

Based on a design concept shared by the company, Trusted Friends can be a lever. It allows you to indicate whether a tweet should be made public or private,displayed to a small number of users. The idea is similar to Instagram’s “close friends” feature, allowing users to share personal stories more privately.

Introducing this option to Twitter will allow users with multiple Twitter accounts to separate their personal and professional lives, post tweets from one account, and have better control over who sees what on their timeline. This can also mean that some users no longer need to switch between public tweets and protected tweets.

Twitter recently announced a new way for creators and influencers to provide content to specific users who pay to access its “Super Follow” feature, and Trusted Friends feels like an experimental extension of ideas that are available to all users. But this is currently just a concept, and there is no guarantee that Twitter will adopt it.

Twitter said other concepts under investigation include “Facets,” which will allow other users to choose whether to follow all of the user’s tweets or just the tweets that are of interest to them, and that users can list what they don’t want. specific phrase seen in the answer.
Like trusted friends, none of these features are currently in active development

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