Spotify plans a redesigned Android widget with album art

What are the new upgrades in Spotify? Spotify is reinventing and redesigning its features with Android widgets

Android 12 re-emphasizes widgets, and perhaps ironically, Spotify is now preparing a new home screen widget.
As part of the Spotify 8.6.40/42 update, the application is adding support for the new home screen widget, which discards the old look and plays songs with rounded corners and a color scheme based on the current album skin. .However, the feature seems to have been hit. It does not seem to support themes based on Android 12 wallpapers, and even the album cover matching does not work properly on Android 11. Our Dylan Roussel managed to see it working on his Android 12 device. However, it still shows up for everyone in the widget picker.
The new Android Spotify widget still has a default size of 4 × 1, but it can be resized. When resizing, widgets seem to work better too.

This is two years after Spotify completely removed its widgets. However, it was removed because users complained that there were no changes after a few months. The new widget can be used with the old one, at least for now.

It is not clear when it will be released on Spotify’s stable update channel. However, the addition of minor versions means it should be sooner rather than later.

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