Foxconn makes a $25 million purchase

The main contract manufacturing partner of Cupertino tech giant that is Foxconn, continues to expand its influence in the electric vehicle supply chain. This move is part of Foxconn’s expansion into the “3 + 3” field.

Foxconn investing in its global reach

Foxconn expands its influence in the semiconductor field through investments in Vietnam.
The 3 + 3 field refers to electric vehicles, robotics and healthcare industries, as well as artificial intelligence, semiconductors and communication technologies, such as 5G. Following the success of Tesla Inc., an electric car manufacturer based in Palo Alto, California, the electric car industry has attracted attention in the United States. This is because multiple companies have disclosed plans and raised funds to produce their own cars. It is not only the focus of investors’ attention, but also the focus of government’s attention.

Foxconn’s investment in Denesi will also help it gain a foothold in the chip industry. DNeX shareholders recently approved the purchase of a 60% stake in Malaysian chip maker SilTerra. SilTerra focuses on chip manufacturing for various applications, such as communications, Internet of Things, and logic. The acquisition of DNeX shares was made after Foxconn and the group lost in a bidding battle to acquire SilTerra earlier this year.

DNeX is always open to any cooperation with strategic partners and investors that can add value to the group.

As increased demand continues through 2024, the outlook for the semiconductor industry is expected to remain optimistic, which may bring sustainable positive benefits for SilTerra and DNeX. This makes the acquisition of SilTerra timely and strategic for DNeX.

These share acquisitions are some of the recent ones. of Foxconn. acquisitions. One of the acquisitions because it hopes to diversify its business to target the growing technology industry. Its cooperation with Apple, one of the world’s largest companies, makes Foxconn one of the world’s leading foundry manufacturers. world.

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