Fuchsia OS: Instructions on Google Support pages

Google shared official instructions on how to tell if your Nest Hub has been updated to run on Fuchsia OS.
Last month, Google released an update to the first generation Nest Hub, changing it from Cast OS to Fuchsia, which is an operating system created by Google from scratch and proudly “not Linux”. This marks the first major appearance of Fuchsia OS, and at this point it should be a skunkworks project. One of the most notable achievements of the
Nest Hub upgrade to Fuchsia is Google’s ability to upgrade in ways ordinary technical consumers would not notice. Instead, we were forced to find our own way to check if any specific Nest Hub has been updated to the Fuchsia OS.

This afternoon, Google updated the official support page with information about Fuchsia. More specifically, they have determined the best way to know if your Nest Hub is in fuchsia. Essentially, we encourage you to delve into the Nest Hub settings and see if the “operating system version” is listed. The interesting thing about this new
feature is that, so far, Google has been relatively low-key about this update, hoping that it is as invisible as possible. According to our tests, the only difference is a slight improvement in performance. As they switched to the support page, they moved slightly in the opposite direction, allowing people to discover for themselves that they were using a brand new operating system.

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