England knock out Germany from EURO 2020

England defeated Germany in the knockout stage of the top 16 of the EURO 2020. Both the teams played well, but it was the Englishmen who owned the last smile, with a score of 2-0 in their pocket. Two goals of the latter half of the match took England to the quarters and eliminated Germany on Tuesday at Wembley Stadium.

The performance showed by England

Though both the teams played well, all over the match, it was the Englishmen, who did it slightly better, and consequently, they achieved their favorable result as well.

England was a bit more attacking in the first half and proved themselves to be better in that phase. They made several chances to score a goal, but the German defense line would do their work efficiently then. Germany also created several chances for them, however, remained without a goal.

The match was certainly thrilling, but the first half remained goalless. In the early phases of the second half, the fight between them was on a percentage of 50-50. But at 75th minute, the attacking mid-fielder of the team, Raheem Sterling, pushed the ball towards the net, scoring the first goal of the match, and giving England a lead.

Though it didn’t end here. England sealed their victory, when the striker, as well as the captain of the English team, Harry Kane scored the second goal of the match at the 86th minute. Though Germany tried their level best to come back, the English defense was strong enough and was hard to crack.

The Stats

Both the teams gave a tough fight to each other, where both of them had a pass accuracy of 83%. Germany played 525 passes, where England passed the ball 445 times. The possession of England and Germany in this match was 45 and 55 percent respectively.

Upcoming Fixture of England

England is now in the quarter-finals of EURO 2020, and will next play on Sunday, July 4th, at the Stadio Olimpico, against either Sweden or Ukraine, whoever wins on Wednesday.

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