Cristiano Ronaldo could leave Juventus and join Manchester United this summer

Football legend Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t accepted the contract offer from his current club Juventus. So there is hope that Cristiano Ronaldo could join Manchester United as his new club. This means Ronaldo would not retire and play for his old premier league club Manchester United.

Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t accepted the contract offer from his Serie A club Juventus; this news has been confirmed by renowned journalist Fabrizio Romano.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is not negotiating a new contract with Juventus, as of today”.

“Club now waiting for Ronaldo and his agent Jorge Mendes to decide if leaving Juventus this summer or not”.

“Cristiano is still under contract with Juventus until June 2022 [€31m net/season]“.

This message from Fabrizio Romano means that Cristiano Ronaldo has a year left in his contract with Juventus. So Ronaldo is still deciding with his agent Jorge Mendes whether to leave Juventus or not this summer.

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There are some reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo could return to Manchester United and not the other clubs.

The first point is that currently earning £513,000 per week. There are not many clubs that can offer a salary of £350,000 to £400,000 per week, but the premier league club Manchester United is among them. It has already reported that Cristiano Ronaldo would take a pay cut to join the correct team, which is the best for him.

The second point is that the 36-year-old could stay at his current club for one year, but it would reduce the chances of the last and final hurrah at the top. There are also other points about why Cristiano Ronaldo could join Manchester United.

There is also news that PSG will make Ronaldo on the list of the wanted players. Neymar Jr. expressed his consent for Ronaldo to join the club. But United are leading the race to sign the Portuguese.

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