Switzerland shock France at EURO 2020

The whole world was shocked, especially the EURO 2020 fans were also shocked to see the performance of Swiss players, against France on Tuesday, in Bucharest. The match was for seeking a position in the quarter-finals of the EURO 2020 season, where Switzerland showed its brilliance and defeated France. Though, Kylian Mbappe’s penalty miss is a major factor in this regard, Switzerland this sort of performance at the knockout stage proves that they are a deserving winner.

France knocked out from EURO 2020

The match went to a penalty shootout when both the teams were stuck on the score of 3-3. It was the penalty shootout where Switzerland knocked out France, by the score of 5-4. Mbappe’s missed a penalty, else the results might be different.

Also, a significant reason behind Switzerland’s win in the match is the bad starting of France. With this, Switzerland gains more confidence when Haris Seferovic soon scored a goal in the 15th minute. The Swiss started it on a high note and ended with the same.

Comeback of France

Despite the first goal, by the Swiss, France was not out of the game. They fought back, after the half-time, when the French star, Karim Benzema, scored a couple of goals in early intervals, at the 57th and 59th minute respectively. France was now in a lead of 2-1, and again on the 75th minute, the best player of France in this EURO 2020, made it 3-1 by scoring another.

Incredible comeback from Switzerland

Switzerland had a positive mindset from the beginning of the game. Hence they didn’t lose any confidence, even when the score was 3-1, with only 10 minutes left of the game. Haris Seferovic who scored the first goal of the match showed his efficiency again and scored his second and the fifth goal of the match in the 81st minute.

This was the time when Switzerland was looking good, and consequently, Mario Gavranovic scored the equalizer in the 90th minute. Though there were no goals scored in the additional time of 30 minutes. Switzerland beat France in the penalty shootout, taking this epic thriller to an end.

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Switzerland shocking France at EURO 2020

Upcoming Fixture of Switzerland

Switzerland has qualified for the quarter-finals, and will next play against Spain on Friday, July 2, at the Krestovsky Stadium.

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