Sevilla sporting director Monchi would like to right the way the departure of Sergio Ramos was handled back in 2005

Sergio Ramos played for Sevilla in his early playing days. Sevilla was the club where he caught the eye of the world.

The world-class centre-back made the switch to Real Madrid for 27 million euros in 2005, but that move turned him into a hated figure at the Andalusian club.

Sevilla sporting director Monchi Monchi wishes that he had handled the departure of Ramos in a better way like he did with Jose Antonio Reyes’ sale to Arsenal.

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Monchi said during an interview on Canal Sur with former referee Antonio Jesus Lopez Nieto, via Marca: “It makes me sad. I would like to make a statement in favour of Sergio,”

“Just as the sale of Reyes earned us a lot, so did the sale of Sergio. Maybe we all got the messaging wrong.”

“I raise my hand the main one [responsible], because we were not able to sell that sale [to the fans] as well as we did with Jose Antonio.”

“Reyes was always loved and Sergio… I hope that time will heal those wounds and he will be recognised for what he was: a magnificent player who gave us a lot.”

After 16 seasons with Real Madrid, the legendary defender is now leaving Real Madrid as a free agent when his contract expires on June 30, but he still has no intention to come back to Sevilla.

The 35-year-old said during his last press conference for Real Madrid: “Sevilla are a club in my heart, but right now I’m not contemplating that option and I don’t know if they’d consider me,”

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