Windows 11 helping to skyrocket TPM2.0 module prices

This was coming, and yes, Windows 11’s drastic decision has helped to skyrocket the prices of TPM2.0 modules. Microsoft has made the TPM2.0 security chip a primary requirement for upcoming Windows 11, and although almost all modern PCs have it, if your PC or laptop is few years old, then you might not get the Windows 11 update.

Even though later, Microsoft will use a build that will also enable TPM1.2 having devices to use Windows 11 but if you do not have any then you should look for an alternative.

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However, it seems scalpers will not make this easy for you; the prices of TPM2.0 modules have skyrocketed in the past few days. As @shen mentions, in just 12 hours, the prices have increased 4 times, thanks to Microsoft; well, getting one for yourself could be very hard for you depending upon where you stay.

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