What to expect from the Windows 11 event?

A new version of Windows is on its way. Microsoft’s Windows event is sheduled later this week, on June 24th at 11AM Eastern Timezone. Moreover we already have a good idea of what to expect from this Microsoft’s event- Windows 11.

We’re expecting Windows 11 to include a new user interface, new store, and much more.

Windows 11 UI

The new Start menu acts as a launcher in the leaked version. This allows users to find recently used applications and documents very fast. The Live Tiles that originally appeared with Windows 8 are gone.

There are other subtle UI improvements beyond just the Start menu and button.

Windows 11 store

Enabling third-party platforms found in the Windows store allows developers to forgo the 15 percent cut that Microsoft takes from developers who use in-app payments. That would be a significant change, during a time when Microsoft, Epic Games, and others demand Apple to make changes to its App Store policies.

Use of Windows exploded during the pandemic. It seems like Windows 11 has the chance to prove the company’s worth. Microsoft has invested more in the overall health of its operating system. This is along the usual improvements to security that Microsoft delivers with new Windows versions. It also has a new UI that lets you easily snap applications.

There’s also an opportunity for Microsoft to focus more on gaming with Windows 11. But there are some underlying changes Microsoft can make to Windows to improve PC gaming and performance. Microsoft has a chance to show that they more committed to PC gaming with Windows 11. This is because it is the platform of choice for a lot of PC gamers.


Microsoft gave free upgrades to Win 10 during its launch, so it is expected will be the same for this. Microsoft makes most of its profit through OEM or commercial licenses.

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