Samsung units in Uttar Pradesh? What is its future?

Samsung to set up display units in Uttar Pradesh, India. What happens now?

The Samsung delegation made a big decision. Noida boasts good industrial environment and investor friendly policies, Samsung decided to establish the Display Manufacturing Unit in Uttar Pradesh. Samsung’s display unit is located in China. Moreover, the work of establishing the new unit at Noida is complete. This is the statement in an official release on Sunday.

Firstly, Samsung is an electronics major enterprise with a base in South Korea. Secondly, the construction of the display manufacturing unit is almost done. Finally, the unit is shifting from China to Noida in Uttar Pradesh. This is on the official release that was published on Sunday. A delegation of Samsung led by Ken Kang called the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath, on Sunday. Ken Kang is the company’s Southwest Asian President & Chief Executive Officer.

Samsung’s display unit in Noida – Production of mobile display panels in Noida begins.

Samsung currently makes up more than 70 percent of the total amount of display products and services used in various appliances. These include TVs, mobile phones, tablets, watches and many others in the world, especially in South Korea, Vietnam and China.

The main delegation mentioned that the construction and development work done displays the commitment of the Samsung enterprise towards India. The company is confirming that it is eager to make Uttar Pradesh a big manufacturing hub for the economy’s profit.

During the meeting conference with the company delegation, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh agreed that Samsung’s Noida display unit factory in the state is a perfect example of success. This initiative profits the schemes of the ‘Make in India’ programme. Adityanath adds that this display unit project will help elevate the youth of the state. There are opportunities for a high count of employment in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Adityanath also assured the company delegation that the state government will continue to extend their help to the Samsung company in the prospective future as well.

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