Starlink hits a new record in the history of Internet speeds

    What did Starlink do to make a history in the age of Internet speeds?

    Starlink satellite internet service provider Space Exploration Technologies Corp., more commonly known as SpaceX, has created a new record in the field of internet speed. A user from Germany shared their results on the social media platform Twitter. It is revealed that the service provided was able to reach an unbelievably fast download speed.

    This was of more than 649 Megabits per second (Mbps). This speed surpasses the other fast Starlink download speeds that we have come across so far on a global scale. The graph posted on Twitter reveals that the internet service can achieve a download speed of 300 Mbps on an average scale.

    A Starlink’s performance graph shared on Twitter earlier this week.

    Starlink’s Dish Operates At Surface Temperature of 133°F

    The Twitter user, @awlnx, who posted the content seems to be a software engineer.  We managed to get some information and data on our hands about the two crucial Starlink parameters. Firstly one of these is the download speed of the upcoming service. Moreover, according to an image shared by the user, it touched 649 Mbps this Tuesday at 20:45 (local time) in Munich, Germany.

    When we look at the previous download speeds that we have come across, Starlink’s performance is more than 100 Mbps higher than the others. The last highest record was shared by another user in Germany. This person is residing in the city of Kassel.

    The previous user shared the Internet speed test of an application from Ookla. This record revealed that Starlink had touched a whooping value of 540 Mbps download speed.

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