WTC Final uncertain due to bad weather conditions!

    Fans and the whole world were eagerly waiting for the WTC Final, but unfortunately, the unfavorable weather forecast greatly affected the showdown, between India and New Zealand. Due to constant rain, Day 1 of the World Test Championship Final completely became washed out, and it is now doubtful that the Endgame would either happened peacefully or not.

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    WTC Final uncertain due to bad weather conditions!

    WTC Final: Availability of a Reserve Day

    In the earlier ages, test matches consisted of over six days. However, in the present era, and also in the fast-paced modern cricket, one day more in test cricket seems costlier to ICC. But concerning the present issue of rain in Southampton, they might have any reserve day, only for the final.

    With the start of the reserve day, or Day 6, the match will go on considering the hours lost in the first 5 matches, due to bad weather or light problems. Also, slow over-rate in the reserve day, won’t be that easy to cope up with.

    The ICC stated the playing conditions, that the reserved day has been scheduled to guarantee the first five days of the match. They also said that Day 6 will only be used if the time wasted can’t be recovered via typical provisions, and making up the lost time each day. Else an additional day won’t come to any use, if the match goes normally, and also if there are no positive results or even a draw comes, after playing for 5 days.

    The Weather Forecast

    Though the availability of a reserve day stays or not, if rain does its work for the next few days, even an additional day couldn’t help. Things are likely to get better from Day 2, but still won’t be fully fine as per the UK MET Office.

    Day 2 – Sunny weather will prevail, with some periodic clouds, with 40$ chances of rain from 4 PM.

    Day 3 – The starting of the game could delay, as there are 50% chances of rain to come in the morning, but overall it would be a sunny day.

    Day 4 – Day 4 won’t get worse, as UK MET Office has predicted intermittent rain all day long.

    Day 5 – Day 4 weather may continue to Day 5 as well, as there are 60% chances of heavy showers in the morning, and it may continue to the entire day.

    Day 6 – In terms of starting the match, there is no better option than Day 6. It is expected to be a sunny day, and the chances of rain are almost nil.

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