Top 5 International Football teams with the Longest Undefeated Streak in football history

In the context of the longest undefeated streaks in international football, Italy comes first. Though this is controversial, they have been certainly the most excellent team at the EURO 2020, where Roberto Mancini, has impressed to a great extent.

Mancini came to the Italian football camp after the nation failed to make their position in the 2018 World Cup. He has created a great impact in his team, consequently, Italy at present being undefeated in 29 consecutive games irrespective of all the tournaments, and also counting the back-to-back wins in the EURO 2020.

Longest runs being undefeated in International Football

Have a look on the top international football teams, with longest undefeated streaks.

5. France (1994 to 1996) – 30 Games

France has been great since the 1990s. In that era, during the mid-nineties, they created an undefeated streak without losing 30 consecutive games. Their race started with a 1-0 win against Italy in February 1994 at Naples. Today’s legends including Zinedine Zidane and Lilian Thuram debuted at that time.

1990 1 1
France (1994 to 1996)

Their dominance went from 2 years and concluded with a 1-0 defeat to Denmark in November 1996. Despite that, they developed more a won their maiden world cup two years later on home soil.

4. Italy (1935 to 1939) – 30 Games

At present Italy is just 1 victory away from leveling their national record, i.e. winning 30 games in a row which they set in the 1930s era. Their run began in 1935, after losing a 2-0 defeat to Czechoslovakia. Their glory included winning the gold medal at the 1936 Olympics, World Cup victory after defeating Germany for 4-2 in 1938.

Bologna Associazione Giuoco del Calcio 1935 36 1 1
Italy 1935-36 Serie A

They succeeded in winning two consecutive world cups, adding more to the streak. It finally came to an end against Switzerland in a friendly match in November 1939.

3. Argentina (1991 to 1993) – 31 Games

Argentina ranks third in the list of longest undefeated streak with winning 31 consecutive games between 1991 and 1993. Their Epic run started against Hungary with a 2-0 win. They were unbeaten in both the Copa America editions of 1991 and 93.

Argentina seleccion 1991 1 1
Argentina 1991

And not only winning the tournaments, but none were also able to defeat them throughout the group league matches. Gabriel Batistuta played a major role in this, scoring 16 goals for his team in this period, including a couple of goals against Mexico, in the 1993 Copa America final.

2. Spain (2007 to 2009) – 35 Games

There was a golden time for the Spanish Football team, in the latter half of the 2000s. The team was fully undefeated in the consecutive years of 2007 and 2008, where they also won the European Championship title against Germany in the final. Fernando Torres scored the only goal of the match.

4995fcff38f7b0e9ddf7c567a0837c8599d305b4 1 1
Spain 2008

They continued their reign throughout 2009, and the starting of the 2010 World Cup qualifiers, but ultimately got a 2-0 defeat from the United States in the 2009 Confederations Cup semi-finals. Though they came back and proved their efficiency again by winning the 2010 World Cup and 2012 European Championship.

1. Brazil (1993 to 1996) – 35 Games

Sapin and Brazil both, share the first position with 35 consecutive wins. Brazil created this record in the 1990s, when their streak started after a 2-1 defeat against Germany, in 1993 friendly on November. At that time, they had Bebeto, Dunga, Romario, and consequently emerged victoriously in the World Cup, and was unbeaten throughout. They defeated Italy in the final by a penalty shootout of 3-2. The 90 minutes were goalless.

EPj0TouXsBcOOfW 1 1
Brazil 1996

After their World Cup success, Brazil logged 10 wins and one draw, among the 11 fixtures. At Copa America 1995, defeat in penalties against Uruguay was a big blow. However, their unsurpassed run in normal times stretched till 1996.

The winning streak eventually discontinued in January 1996, almost after two years since their previous defeat, when Mexico vanquished Mario Zagallo’s side with a 2-0 win at the Gold Cup.

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