East Bengal and Shree Cement are likely to get separated, for the unresolved problems

The consequences aroused from the unresolved problems between East Bengal and Shree Cement, fairly indicate that these are going to part ways. The club and its investors have been in a brawl, to sign the final agreement between them. However, East Bengal FC didn’t sign the document, stating an excuse that the document which was signed in September 2020, and the final compliance was not the same.

The Mutual Decision of East Bengal and Shree Cement

Though the tussle of East Bengal with their investors is not an “out of the topic” matter for the club, as they have faced this situation, many times earlier. But for now, the two organizations are determined to settle the problems without executing any sort of diligent legal steps.

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Last Thursday, both the club and his investor were present in front of an advocate for agreement works. Sources state that steps have been initiated to execute the mutual divorce between East Bengal and Shree Cement peacefully avoiding juridical complexities. However, with gradual discussions, the signing of the final agreement by the club has been restricted.

Also, reports suggest that Shree Cement has been looking forward to returning to the sporting rights to the club completely. Also, it will be a matter to witness that how the club takes any step, after the separation with Shree Cement.

The deadlock becoming public

The political parties are now also seen in the deadlock between the club and the investor. The Communist Party of India, the leaders of Bharatiya Janata Party, and many others have also pitched in.

Dilip Ghosh, the president of BJP in West Bengal, came in touch with some club officials, to look for any favorable solution. Also, Sujan Chakraborty, the CPI(M) leader and also an East Bengal member, kept an eye on the developments.

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