BCCI settles with 2 more ICC events in the upcoming cycle, for the sake of extending the IPL window

Many were surprised by BCCI’s decision when the administration agreed to have one ICC event every year. Earlier, the Cricket board of India, were against the increase of ICC events all these years. Cricket lovers were certainly amazed by witnessing the sudden change of the BCCI.

However, it has now been disclosed that the unexpected settlement of BCCI was nothing but a minor tradeoff. The significant reason behind this trade-off, came from Sourav Ganguly led Indian board, who are looking to extend the IPL window from next season onwards. As per reports, they are inducting two new teams, for which a longer free window is necessary.

Even, BCCI announced earlier that they looking forward to having two new teams on the list, which requires a long window, and reports suggest that they have approval from the International Cricket Council.

BCCI on bringing back the ICC Champions Trophy

Earlier, when discussion aroused to increase the number of ICC tournaments, and bring back the ICC champions trophy, all the three boards including BCCI, CA (Cricket Australia), and ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board) protested against the same. However, according to a Cricbuzz report, all of them have agreed to this decision.

In 2019, Sourav Ganguly said that sometimes less is more in life (signifying the board’s protest against the decision of increase of ICC events). So it is good to be precise. The FIFA World Cup happens one time in four years, and peoples’ madness for it is known to all. So that is a decision necessary for ICC to make. When he will get the opportunity to be a part of that decision he will speak out – Ganguly added.

Sourav Ganguly 1
Sourav Ganguly

IPL teams expanding to 10 from 8

With the approval of expanding the window, BCCI can now induct 2 teams more. For this, the window is to be increased from 54 to 76 days, for accommodating at least 76 matches. Though the ICC is facing a bit issue now, because they have to adjust the calendar and reschedule any other international matches, if it was scheduled at the time of the upcoming IPL season, earlier. This is because most of the countries don’t play cricket for the IPL.

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