Twitter Blue subscription – All you need to know about it

    What is this new Twitter Blue subscription service? What is new?

    After months of constant rumour, Twitter has finally started to roll out their premium subscription based service. It is called Twitter Blue and is currently available in Canada and Australia. The service will provide many benefits to its subscribers. These include bookmark folders, undo tweets, reader mode and more.

    The most important feature in Twitter Blue is perhaps the Undo Tweet feature. Instead of presenting an option to edit tweets, the new feature will give users up to 30 seconds to unsend their Tweet if they notice an error.

    When a user clicks “Send” for any tweet, they get a chance to view the tweet before it goes live. Twitter Blue will also let users alter the amount of time before the tweet goes live.

    The second item is known as Bookmark Folder. The users can save and arrange Tweets they encounter while scrolling through Twitter. Subscribers can create their own folders and easily access them when they want.

    Moreover, subscribers will have an easy time reading long threads of tweets using the new item feature called Reader mode. It combines the whole thread into an easy to read text without distractions in between.

    Twitter Blue will also include loads of new custom options, such as custom app icons, colour themes for their Twitter app, and access to a dedicated subscription customer support.

    Twitter Blue is rolling out to users in Canada and Australia for 3.49 CAD (Approx. Rs. 210) or 4.49 AUD (Approx. Rs. 251) per month respectively.

    Apple Store says that it will cost Rs. 269 in India, but Twitter says that it is just an estimate and the final price is not set yet. We can expect Twitter Blue to roll out to more regions in the globe very soon.

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