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A brilliant gesture by the Scotland skipper, Andy Robertson before EURO 2020!

The UEFA EURO Cup 2020 commences today where Italy and Turkey will play the starter. Fans, as well as the players, have waited for a long for an international championship, and now finally the wait is over. Here is what Andy Robertson did before the start of the EURO 2020 season.

A marvellous action by Andy Robertson

Before the start of the EURO 2020, the Scotland skipper Andy Robertson, made a brilliant gesture for his squad members. Scotland may not have the best talents, but their incredible spirit, along with their unity, and sheer-bloody-mindedness, can hardly be matched by a few. In perspective to this unity, the Scotland skipper further highlighted for making his teammate gather a positive mindset before they kick off against the Czech Republic on Monday.

Robertson, organized a gift box full of goodies, for every squad member, which amounts above 900 pounds. He has a partnership with various unique Scottish brands, which also assisted him in his step. The box comprised of a whiskey bottle, a pint of Tennants, Irn-Bru, and BrewDog, which is an exclusive edition. It is primarily larger than the common craft beer manufacturers.

Not only it ends here, but the set also contained a set of earphones, along with a FIFA 21 limited edition copy. Kevin Nisbet, the forwarder of Scotland, was obliged by his captain’s gesture and praised him for this brilliant move.

Box full of goodies

Kevin Nisbet on Andy Robertson

According to the reports from Daily Mail, Nisbet stated that when they arrived, Robbo (Robertson) had given lots of gifts to his fellow mates, which were all to do with Scotland. It is certainly a wonderful move by our skipper. This maintains our unity, and the bond among us even gets stronger. Andy Roberts is a man, who is a good captain, as well as a good leader. He is indeed the most excellent man who can take us forward in this tournament.

Preparation of Scotland

At present, Scotland is gearing themselves up for the European bow, who were able to arrest the major contest, back in 1998. The Scots qualified to the EURO Cup via penalty shootout, where David Marshal guided them towards victory against Serbia.

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